Friday, 22 June 2007

Shiva sutras

The Shiva-sutras are kind of a code-breaker for Panini's Sanskrit grammar (written probably around the 5th century BCE). Through 14 sutras - each consisting of a collection of phonemes and a code letter - it is possible to refer to any morphologically (is that a word?) significant selection of the Sanskrit alphabet through a two-letter code, thus making the grammatical rules that follow more concise and more silly-sounding. If you want a better explanation than that, go ask Wikipedia! As you can see, the alphabet is painted onto the cake surface, whereas the code-letters are vertical chocolate pieces (painted with white chocolate to make an easier writing surface). Shiva's drum, from which the sutras were supposed to have emanated, is in the centre. This was another team effort with Matt (who indeed did all the writing) this time as an exam- congratulations cake for our favourite Shiva-sutra-reciter: Victor.

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