Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Linguistic analysis

I wanted to start with my first ever academic cake - the amazing mandala of sponge cake and marzipan that me and Hannah created in 2003 - but I am having scanner issues. So here is this June's creation of the six levels of linguistic analysis represented through concentric circles - a joint project with Matt for the Philologists' lunch here in Oxford. Symbolism, from the centre out: phonetics (plain sponge), phonology (choc chip plain sponge), morphology (choc choc sponge), syntax (ginger parkin), semantics (carrot cake) and pragmatics (fruit cake). If you want to know the academic justifications for each flavour you will have to ask Matt. Please note (and appreciate) that when completed, there was no indication that there were different types of cake within, so when dished up it led to cries of 'ooh - it's got internal structure!'. Note also, we had to bake six cakes in order to make one cake, so there were five cakes leftover...

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DiElle said...

I am exceptionally proud to have been part of the instigation of this adventure, and take full credit for bringing this joy into the world.